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Aims and Values

Aims and Values


Aspiration and Achievement
Learning and Laughter
Safety and Security

Everyone doing the very best they can



Yewtree Primary School aspires to develop ambitious children who will grow into being able to lead us forward into the future by being confident, resilient individuals with a life long love of learning and the drive to be the very best they can be.


Yewtree Primary School will reach this vision by:

  • Building a safe and secure environment which nurtures the happiness and interests of all children
  • Providing children with opportunities to be proactive and take pride in their achievements; to recognise and celebrate success in everyone
  • Promoting a curiosity and love of learning through a broad and balanced forward looking curriculum that gives children the tools they need to succeed
  • Encouraging a positive liaison between home, school and the local community
  • Teaching fun and enjoyable lessons in a global context to motivate and inspire children to have aspirations
  • Providing pupils with the best learning opportunities and experiences in a climate where they feel safe, valued and supported to help them achieve the very best they can
  • Encouraging emotionally literate, confident individuals who promote the best for their community and society through honesty and integrity


British Values

Yewtree Primary School follow and promote British Values throughout the school - 

Democracy - examples include pupil elected representatives in the Pupil Rep committee and Sports Ambassadors,

Individual Liberty - examples include choice of challenge, class monitors, lunchtime helpers, playground buddies, charity days and events

Mutual Respect - examples include Young  voices, sports teams, Links with different committee members, school journey and school trips, Remembrance, online safety

Tolerance of those with different faiths and belief - examples include teaching knowledge of major religions and allowing children to experience other cultures, working in groups and pairs, learning about other cultures 

Rule of Law - examples include School rules, Behaviour expectations including rewards and consequences, cycling proficiency, scooter safety, role of law in society - police, magistrates, online safety


Learning and Laughter, Achievement and Aspiration, Safety and Security Everyone doing the very best they can