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Foundation Stage - Nursery Carle, Reception Inkpen and McKee

Spring Two Update


This half term has been really exciting. As well as linking our learning to pancake day and pets we also had a ‘vocabulary dress up day’ and had a real focus on some scientific skills as part of our whole school ‘Science Week’.

Some of our investigations included observing changes over time, looking for patterns, doing research, classifying and sorting and fair testing. The children worked really hard and everyone had lots of fun!


Take a look at some of our experiments below…

(Observing what happens to skittles when put in warm water, planting seeds and talking about what they need to grow, finding out if different shaped wands make different shaped bubbles, and investigating how we can get an orange to sink!)


Spring One Update


This half term we have been busy with a maths week, working on our addition skills , positional language and looking at different coins. We have also been continuing with our daily phonics lessons and using ‘word ladders’ to practice our sight words, In literacy the children have also been sequencing and writing about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. 

Linking our learning to children’s interests has seen us have a ‘Princess Castle’ and a ‘Pizza Restaurant’ role play, make lanterns for Chinese New Year and have a ‘construction site’ linked to our maths.

When asked about their favourite parts of the half term children said:

“ I’ really liked the speed stacking. I got the cups really high.”  “I have been doing my word ladders at home. I’ve got my number 4 certificate.”


Have a look at our half termly update for Autumn 2 2019

Articulation of Phonemes

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