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Dacorum Dance

 This year at the Dacorum Dance competition Yewtree KS1 dance troupe won their age category with their fantastic dance called “Wildcats” where they showed off their moved with basketballs. Yewtrees KS2 dance troupe performed their dance “Dynamite Hands” and wowed the audience with their light up fingers. After dancing their hearts our they came fourth place. 

Well done to everybody that took part.

Year 4 Rainforest Visit

 As part of Year 4's learning about the Amazon Rainforest, they had a visit from Lottie from Wild Science, with her collection of Rainforest animals. Lottie introduced the children to a corn snake, tree frog, centipede and a lizard. They even got to hold or stroke the animals. The children were all really brave! Lottie also shared some interesting facts about the Rainforest and animals that live in it to help the children with their learning. Did you know, snakes have no eye lids so sleep with their eyes open!


Young Police

 Recently Year 5 have been taking part in the Dacorum Mini Police programme where pupils have been what the law means from local police officers.

 Pupils learnt about crossing the road and how important it is to:

Stop, Look, Listen and Think

to check if it is safe to cross

Bullying was another topic that pupils learnt about. The discussed that bullying can come in different forms such as; emotional bullying, physical bullying and cyber bullying. Pupils want people to remember that:

Bullying is not nice – if you are being bullied tell somebody!

Being online is so much fun but as part of the Mini Police programme pupils learnt that you must be safe online.

Remember to never share your name or any personal details such as address and bank details.

Anti – social behaviour is an offence and can lead to getting in trouble with the police. These things include: hanging out on streets, littering, graffiti, begging and being a noisy neighbour

Is this how you want our world to be?

Eco Council – Litter Pick

On Tuesday 19th March Eco council and Pupil Reps went on a litter pick after the assembly about that Dacorum Borough Council ran.

We went around the school and outside the school we filled up six bags of rubbish! Four of them were recycling. We found a lot of cigarette butts.

We have an Eco display board, have a look too see who we are.

We carried out a survey to see what everyone knew about litter; the whole school took art even reception.

Everyone has hopefully learnt more about recycling and how to dispose of their litter. They know where the bins are in school and hopefully will use them more.

We would like the world to be clean, green, healthy and a better place for all to live in.

If anyone has any questions, please ask Eco council members or Pupil reps.

Up and coming events are:

Eco council assembly


This piece of writing is by Joseph Year 6 Shakespeare.

Next Thing Computing

 Year 2 enjoyed having an exciting afternoon of computing with Next Thing Education on Thursday 14th March 2019. We all tried going on a virtual adventure through VR headsets and programmed dash robots developing our coding skills. This linked with our coding and gaming curriculum and children have also been discussing online safety, particularly with games we all play. If you want to know more about keeping safe online visit: 

Book Week/World Book Day

 This year Yewtree celebrated World Book Day during Book Week. Pupils came into school dressed as a character from their favourite book. We had lots of; ‘Wheres Wallys’, a couple of ‘Willy Wonkas’, lots of animals, princesses and kinds and luckily only one big elephant!

During the week pupils also created their own story from picture only book called The Journey. Classes then joined together to share their story and read to other pupils.

Year 6 RAF Hendon Trip – 28th February 2019

Year 6 had a fabulous day out at the RAF Hendon museum, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves exploring the different aircrafts on display. They went around in small groups with the task of finding a selection of different aircrafts on a worksheet provided. They were fascinated by the interactive displays, and they had a great deal of fun going on some of the computer flight simulators. The Year 6 pupils also had the opportunity to see the impressive reconstruction of a factory that was devastated by the heavy bombs during the Blitz.

Year Four Speed Stack Competition

This year Yewtree entered both year four classes into the Dacorum Speed Stack Competition against over 20 schools in Hemel Hempstead. Pupils took part in separate boys and girls 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 competitions before joingn together and competing in a mixed 3-6-3 competition. The fastest boys time was 38 seconds missing out by a few seconds compared to the fasted girls time of 15 seconds.

Well done to all of year four.

Snow Day – Friday 31st January 2019

It was fantastic to see so many of our pupils out playing in the snow building snowmen, snow women, chairs and even a snow dog. Well done to all pupils for their creativity and hard work.

Year 2 Indoor Athletics

On Tuesday 5th February some Year 2 pupils represented Yewtree at the Year 2 Indoor Athletics Championships 2019 at The Laureate Academy. They took part in a variety of athletics events such as, relay racing, jumping, javelin throwing and speed bouncing. All pupils did fantastically well and we can’t wait to find out the final results. 

Year Two Sports Fayre

 On Thursday 24th January all pupils in Year 2 went down to Hemel Leisure Centre in Hemel Hempstead to take part in lots of different sporting activities against other schools. There was giant speedstacking, dance, fitness, hockey, golf and event an assault cause where pupils were training like the army. All pupils had a fantastic time and can’t wait for the next sporting competition.

Year 4 Morpurgo Class Assembly

This week saw year 4 take the stage to show off their learning they have been doing in this week’s class assembly. Pupils showed us some fantastic work and taught us some very important lessons.

In the art lesson we learned that primary colours (red, yellow and blue) can’t be created by mixing colours. If you mix red and blue you make purple and yellow and red make orange.

Four Morpurgo taught us that a cell in an electricity circuit it also known as a battery. Michael’s top tip was “never poke anything into a plug socket”.

As well as showing off their fantastic art work, neatly presented books and beautifully blended colouring skills pupils also taught us a very important message. 

‘Stop bullying and lets be friends”


Maths Week 2019

We are Codebreakers

The week commencing Monday 7th January was maths week. Under the title ‘We Are Codebreakers’, the whole school engaged in activities that enabled them to apply their problem solving skills. There were opportunities for children to build upon their reasoning skills and develop their ability to work in a collaborative manner.

On the Monday afternoon, each key stage 1 class paired up with a key stage 2 class. During this time, the older children coached their younger peers through a selection of challenges – in the style of an ‘Escape Room’! The older children benefitted from explaining mathematical concepts to the younger children. This style of learning proved to be engaging for the younger children as it allowed them to learn from older role models and not just be led by their teachers. Many children have requested that we seek for more opportunities to work in this way.

Many classes allowed children to take on the role of code creators by giving the children a chance to make their own cryptic puzzles. These tasks were then enjoyed by parents and family members during our open classroom on Monday 14th January.


Celebrating Christmas

Recently we have been celebrating Christmas in school and the local community in lots of different ways. Our Foundation Key Stage helped us to celebrate the birthday of Jesus in their Christmas Performance ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’. We all came together at St Marys Church, Hemel Hempstead where we sang our Christmas carols with our families. Our school choir have been visiting local retirement homes where they have sung carols, joined in with Christmas party games and even enjoyed a small Christmas performance.

Merry Christmas!

Armistice Day Celebrations

Mistletoe Fair


Here at Yewtree we held our annual Mistletoe Fair, the children were very excited to meet father Christmas and enjoyed lots of festive games and prizes. 

We are especially proud of our Pupil Representatives who worked very hard after school to prepare and present a fantastic stall, they raised £235.00 on their stall alone. 


Overall we raised over £1,000. Many thanks to those who supported us and the parent helpers who were here on the day too. 


Year 2 Fire Station Visit

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to Hemel Hempstead Fire Station to learn more about the developments in fire fighting since the Great Fire of London in 1666. The Crew were all very welcoming and informative when showing the children the modern day equipment held within the fire engine, every child took a turn shooting the water hose and saw thermal imaging within the smoke tower to see how they find people when it is so dark in a fire. 

 Crew Commander Phil also discussed how to stay safe in a fire:

 If a fire starts in your home...

  • Raise the alarm.
  • Get out.
  • Get others out, if you can safely. Leave pets, they will escape by themselves.
  • Call the fire service on 999 or 112.
  • Stay out – don't go back in for anything.



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