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Update Autumn 2 Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers,


As the term draws to a close, everyday seems to get busier. My apologies for not communicating this information over the weekend. My husband had a special '0' birthday and we managed to snatch a weekend away as a family to celebrate. Who knew how much washing you could generate over a weekend!


The learning heroes from our celebration assembly were: Oliver, Lenny, Robyn, Marmik, Amelia-Mae, Ellie, James, Tyler, Jayden, Elodie,  Isaac, Jacob, Aleena and the whole of 6H.


Holding these assemblies have been great as it is a way of connecting the school community. In January, we are planning to hold more assemblies through MSTeams as we all becoming more confident with the new technologies. 


School attendance for last week was 95.5%. Considering we are in the midst of a pandemic our weekly attendance is much stronger than where we started in September. Before I hand over the reins to Mrs Yilmaz, it would be great to have another week above 96%.


Well done to Reception Inkpen with 100% attendance!


I am sure that you have seen our facebook posts sharing with the community our new outdoor acquisition. Children in Early Years are loving their new outdoor environment and it has been great to watch children's confidence develop as they rise to the challenge of the 'fireman's pole'.


I cannot believe we have just under two weeks before the end of term. We are now at the stage where the usual germs and bugs take their toll on tired children and staff. With COVID19 in addition to the seasonal ailments, it is essential that we keep Yewtree COVID secure. I would like to thank you for ensuring you have a face mask when on school site as playing your part will enable us all to see our families over the Christmas period.


Many thanks for your continued support


Kind regards


Tracy Prickett 


Learning and Laughter, Achievement and Aspiration, Safety and Security Everyone doing the very best they can