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Update to Parents Autumn 2 Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers,


Where has the first week gone? I would like to thank you again for wearing face coverings on site - it is great to see how the community is pulling together and doing everything we can to remain COVID secure. The one-way system remains in place and this does include those younger children who are attending Jack in the Box Nursery. 


On Friday, we held our first virtual celebration assembly. It was lovely to see the reaction of the children when they could see their friends in other classes and we did give everyone a wave. We held two assemblies; EYFS and KS1 and KS2 and we shared great work and awarded the attendance of the week cup. 


The following children were awarded 'Learning Hero:


In EYFS / KS1: Blake, Stanley, Melanie, Clifford, Lucas, Scarlett, Fatima

KS2: Lola, Lilly, Armina, Darius, Emily, Victoria, Junior


Best attendance (for the week before half term):


EYFS / KS1: Reception McKee with 97.6%

KS2: Yr4 Dahl and Yr6 Horowitz with 99%


I'm really pleased to inform you that the whole school attendance for the first week back was 95.9%. We almost achieved the 96% Government expectation so, as long as we are well, we can aim to exceed that statistic next week.


We shall be holding these celebration assemblies weekly and we are purchasing some new cameras (with microphones) to improve the sound and vision experience. Virtual assemblies is something that will be in place I imagine for the remainder of this academic year and it also means we can meet with other classes in other schools which will enable us to compete against other schools in sporting events - who'd have thought that a global pandemic would open new and exciting doors!


Currently we have no road crossing patrol personnel outside Fletcher Way. We are awaiting a new team member who we hoped would be joining us last week. I know many of you in Year 5 and Year 6 have provided your permission for your child to walk home however without someone helping your child cross the road you may wish to 'meet' them, at a safe distance,  once they exit the main gate. There is always one member of the team standing at the gate in the afternoon (in the road way) however school staff are not able to cross children over the road as they are not insured. There had been many times where I did cross children at The Reddings as Bennetts End Road is incredibly dangerous however I received an official letter from the Road Crossing Patrol team insisting not to do this as I had not received formal training and therefore was not insured. 


Just a reminder that on Friday it is Children in Need and the school council have selected this as one of our charities for this year. We shall be supporting this worthy cause by having a non-school uniform day and paying £1 for the privilege. 


Wishing you all a lovely rest of the week and I will see you on Monday morning


Stay safe


Tracy Prickett


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