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Update to Parents Autumn 2 Week 2

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Wednesday! Today is my eldest son's 12th birthday - where have those years gone? it seems like only yesterday that Austin arrived in the world and I now have a son who texts me from upstairs when he wants something. I am however really proud of him and the young man he is becoming and that is why it is so important to celebrate children's successes.


Our Learning Heroes from Friday 13th November were:


Spencer, Scarlett, Alan, Aleesa, Loris, Marcus, Denny, Evie, Dylan, Malachi, Lacey, Josh, Olivia, PK


It was lovely to see the children beaming from ear to ear as they shared their work with the school community. 


Overall attendance for the week was 95.3% which was slightly down on the previous week. A special 'well done' to class Shakespeare who had 100% attendance for last week.


As you are aware, our installation of the new outdoor learning area for Early Years commences on Monday 30th November. Also happening , we are having four new Clever Touch boards installed into our Year 2 and Year 5 classes. This starts the rolling programme of replacement boards across the school. The plan is to replace 2 / 4 boards (finances dependent) every year so the whole school will have high quality IT learning facilities.


As ever, should you wish to contact me please email me directly head@yewtree, 


Wishing you all a lovely week


Stay safe


Tracy Prickett


Learning and Laughter, Achievement and Aspiration, Safety and Security Everyone doing the very best they can