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Update to parents Autumn 2 Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers,


I wanted to start my update by saying a massive 'thank you' to you. The Yewtree family has made it to the end of November COVID secure. This has been no mean feet and it is thanks to you supporting the school's procedures and protecting your family after school and at weekends that has enabled us to stay open. The whole of my son's school has been closed (Secondary) and he is not returning until Wednesday (hopefully), It is times like this how real COVID still is. 


It was lovely to celebrate our 'learning heroes' on Friday and I was delighted to hear and see some great pieces of work. 


Amelia, Maddie, Oscar, Emerson, Lola, Anna, Faryal, Marcos, Adam, Layla-Jay, Lenny, Maiya, Pyper and Lucas were our learning heroes.


Year 2 held their mini- Olympics this week and had a great time fine tuning their skills. A big congratulations to 2 Blake for scoring 2649 points. It was a close call with only 43 points difference. These scores will now be entered into the Dacorum competition and we shall find out how well we did against other schools by the end of term. 


Our weekly attendance continues to improve. We didn't quite hit the 96% Government expectation of 96% however we were close with 95.8%. Let's see if we can get 96%+ this week.


Just one little reminder, we are still without our Road Crossing Patrol staff member on Fletcher Way. Having monitored the situation quite carefully I am concerned that there is an accident waiting to happen. To avoid this I request that you avoid parking on the crossing area. It is easy to identify as the pavement surface has bobbles. This means that parents and children can cross the road safely as traffic is quite respectful and will stop at the raised area to let pedestrians cross.


On Friday we had new screens installed in Year 5 and Year 2 classrooms (as part of our rolling replacement programme). On Monday work starts to the EYFS outdoor learning area. We may need to make some revisions with the current drop off / collection arrangements so please be patient with us as safety is our priority.


Wishing you all a lovely week and as ever if you want to catch up with me my email is 


Kind regards


Tracy Prickett


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