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Miss F Ewen

Year 3 - Ahlberg and Kinney

Year Three Change for Life Festival 

On Thursday 25th October Year Three took part in this years Change for Life event. Pupils got to take part in skipping, archery, obstacle running and jumping. They all had great time and now are taking part in lots pf new games and activities on the playground at break and lunchtime. 

What we have been up to – Autumn 1

This half term Kinney have enjoyed settling into Year 3 and learning about all their new topics including; fables, the human body and mountains. We have particularly enjoyed learning about and reading the fable ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ in English. We then changed the characters and the setting of the fable to write our own fable but keeping the moral ‘Slow and Steady wins the race’. In Science we have learnt about the human body and animals. Kinney particularly enjoyed the investigation ‘Do people with longer legs jump further?’ where we all had a turn at jumping as far as we could. We found out that just because you have longer legs, it does not mean you will jump further. In Geography this half term, we have learnt all about Mountains; how they are formed, the different types and some of the famous mountain ranges around the world. We used our knowledge of mountains to then write our own Haiku poems in English. Kinney loved being creative whilst, remembering the syllable rules of a Haiku poem 5, 7, 5 over the 3 lines.

What we have been up to – Autumn 1

 In 3 Ahlberg we have really enjoying learning about fables and writing our own fables. We enjoyed being able to act out the fables we have written and reading them to the class. We have also enjoyed learning about our bones and muscles in science, and enjoyed doing our own experiments to test if children with longer legs will be able to jump further than children with shorter legs.