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Year Five - King Smith and Walliams

Spring Two Update 


Although we were sadly unable to complete the whole of our term we were still able to explore some fantastic areas of cur curriculum before transitioning into home learning. 

Our topic for this term was ‘Incredible Italy’. We loved exploring and researching Italy and discovering the amazing landmarks it has such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the famous Colosseum. We even explored earthquakes that had happened in Italy, the damage they caused and how this could impact victims in different ways. We later were able to write diary entry about the experience of an earthquake! Scary!

In English, we began to read ’Varjak Paw’ - a book about a Mesopotamian Blue cat who went on an adventurous journey to save his family and keep ’The Way’ alive! (For Elder Paw!) We enjoyed being inspired by the book to create TV adverts for new pet products (for a cat) and inventing products that could help Varjak on his quest!

In P.E., we enjoyed learning about of Ultimate Frisbee, the rules and how to play an actual, competitive game of this! We were able to learn various throwing techniques and most of all… how to be an amazing, supportive sportsman!

A highlight for this term was Science Week in which we explored five different forms of enquiry in Science. Our favourite experiment was investigating how the angle of launch affects how far a paper rocket will go. We enjoyed making our own paper aeroplanes for this activity. The highlight for 5W was trying to throw our aeroplanes in the wind which led to it getting blown on the school roof! Oops…


Even though this term was cut extremely short, keep working hard at home! Remember to look at our school learning zone for new activities and email them to our school office. We would love to showcase the amazing work we know you are doing at home in our newsletter! Year 5 staff are extremely proud of you all!


Well done for continuing your learning at home, we have loved reading through all of your emails!!


Spring One Update 


This term, our Year 5 topic focus was on  the Great Plague which we thoroughly enjoyed learning about! We enjoyed sourcing information about it as well as considering what our personal experiences would be like around the era of the Great Plague.

In English, we enjoyed exploring the texts ‘Boy in the Tower’ and ‘The Watertower’.  We loved experimenting with mystery and suspense techniques in our writing. With this, we were able to use them to write our own chapter for the book,  create a newspaper related to the book and write a diary entry from another character’s perspective.

In P.E., we explored how to bat and field in Cricket as well as how to work effectively with others around us. Through sport, we have worked more effectively in teams and we have been able to implement this in the classroom! 

This term, in Art, we researched the famous artist  Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn  who was well known for his self-portraits and detailed paintings. We then had a go at drawing Rembrandt and trying to draw others around us!

5 King-smith’s thoroughly enjoyed learning about Hannukah, Passover and Easter as religious celebrations this term. 5 Walliams thoroughly enjoyed learning the weather in French and also learning a song in French called ‘Quel temps fait-il?’.  We look forward to next term and what this entails!
We have spent time learning about the weather in French and creating our own weather reports. We have been very lucky this term to have somebody come from outside to teach us cricket. We also enjoyed meeting the major and creating our own class assembly.



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