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Year Five - King Smith and Walliams

Summer Term

What learning have you been doing this half term?

In year 5, we have been learning about fractions, percentages and decimals in Maths, we have also spent some time learning about the different types of angles we could have and how we could measure them. In history and art, we have looking at Ancient Maya civilisations and creating masks around this topic. We have also really enjoyed being able to go swimming again, and improving on our skills from year 4.

What did pupils enjoy the most?

We have really enjoyed learning about Macbeth and creating our own version of the play. We spent lessons acting out the play, and many of us really enjoyed pretending to be Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

What were this half terms WOW moments?

Our WOW moment of the term was reading our new class story, ‘All the things that could go wrong’ and then having a fantastic afternoon meeting the author of this story to ask him lots of questions about his other books and why he decided to become an author. 

What we have been learning about in Autumn Two 


What learning have you been doing this half term?

In Maths, we have been concentrating on written methods of calculation and how to choose the most efficient strategies to solve problems.

In Geography, we compared the physical and natural features of New Zealand to those in England.

We learned about four Chinese inventions that changed the world then designed and made our own kites. We also learned about our Solar System, being strong and the rules and skills needed for basketball.


What did pupils enjoy the most?

5KS chose our DT topic as their favourite piece of learning. They really enjoyed the designing process and testing out materials to see which were the most suitable.

5W loved learning about New Zealand, especially finding out about the animals and people that lived there.


What were this half terms WOW moments

As part of our cross curricular topic, both classes loved learning about the History of the Maori haka and watching some breath-taking performances by the All Blacks. However, the highlight of this topic was being able to practise and create our own Haka’s, to perform to each other at the end of term.

Blackout Poems 


Year 5 Walliams have been look at the poem For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon this week. They have looked at the meanings of the vocabulary and created their own blackout poems. Some fantastic work here - well done 5 Walliams.

What we have been learning about in Autumn One 


What learning have you been doing this half term?

In year 5, we have been learning how to use jottings in Maths and about the properties of different numbers. In PSHE, we have been studying the difference between legal and illegal drugs and alcohol. We have also been practising Pointillism, reading books about Mythical Creatures and investigating materials and their properties.

We also learned about Ancient Greek civilisations, found out about Judaism and discovered lots about grammar.


What did pupils enjoy the most?

We really enjoyed just being back together and learning in school. Our favourite lessons were the practical experiments in Science, learning about the Ancient Greeks and looking at the Mythical Beasts in English, and reading the ‘Wolves in the Walls’. We also enjoyed learning about legal and illegal drugs in PSHE, and different key vocabulary in maths such as prime numbers and composite numbers and investigating different factor bugs. We also enjoyed taking pictures of our eyes in art and drawing them.


What were this half terms WOW moments?

Our WOW moment of the term was creating posters about one another, in which we wrote things we really liked or respected about them.

In 5 King-Smith our favourite part of this term was creating our own mythical beast in English and creating a non-chronological report around its habitat, diet and behaviour.


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