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Year Four - Morpurgo and Dahl

Spring One Update 


This half term, Year 4 have been focusing on food. We have included food not just in our DT and Art lessons but across our Geography, RE, French, English and Science learning too… that’s a lot of food!



To help Year 4 learn about the digestive system, we carried out a range of investigations. First, we experimented with eggs to see which liquids would produce the most tooth decay. We used eggs as the shell behaves in similar way to tooth enamel. We submerged the eggs in different liquids and observed the changes over five days. We found that the apple juice produced the most tooth decay as the egg had peeled, become brown and cracked, plus the shell became very soft. Yuck!

We also recreated the digestive system by using crackers, orange juice, a sandwich bag and a pair of tights. The sandwich bag acted as the stomach and the crackers dissolved with the orange juice ‘bile’ (yuck!). We then put the stomach mixture in the tights, to represent the intestines and we were left with the waste at the end…



In Art, Year 4 have been focusing on the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldi. Arcimboldi used different fruit and vegetables to recreate portraits of people’s faces. We used a range of media to recreate Arcimboldi’s work. We used iPads to create digital animations, collage using photographs of food, sketching and shading, plus printing with actual fruit and vegetables.


DT and Geography

In our DT lesson, we discussed the seasonality of food and were able to prepare food using ripe fruits and vegetables. This complimented our learning in Geography, in which we learned about food from all over the world whilst learning how to use a Globe.


In Spring 2, Year 4 look forward to learning about crime and punishment through the ages. We will be combining our History and English lessons to write non-chronological reports about Crime and Punishment from the Roman times right through to modern day.


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