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Year Six - Shakespeare and Horowitz

Spring Two Update 


Although Spring 2 seems a long time ago now, it was incredibly busy for the children.

Alongside preparing for our SATS exams we started lots of new topics including South America, City –scapes (building 3D city based landscapes from different art mediums) and learning to sing “You got a friend”.


Our learning centred around Science and the discoveries of Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution. Over the course of two weeks (Science week and Book Week) we learnt about theories of evolution, natural selection and animal’s adaptations. During English, in a carousel, we studied 3 different texts: Origin of Species, from which we wrote biographies on Charles Darwin, the father of evolution; Amazing Evolution, from which we wrote our own evolutionary stories and What Mr Darwin Saw, a  diary entry of his time in the Galapagos Islands, from which we wrote our own recounts.


In Science week we looked at the five different enquiry types and performed different experiments and investigations including: identifying and classifying human and ape skulls, observing patterns and relationships between bird beak shape and what they ate, observing changes of time through horse teeth fossils and researching Darwin and his findings.



Spring One Update 


6 Shakespeare have loved our class text of ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ as this links with our topic of Ancient Egypt. Our Art topic has also connected to our theme for the term and we particularly enjoyed making cartouches and necklaces.

Our science topic has been very practical and we found in interesting exploring how to make a model of a heart and creating a concoction to represent blood.


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