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Year Three - Alhberg and Kinney

Spring Two Update 


Our topic this half-term has been ’The Celts’ and in History we have focused on the Iron Age where the children have enjoyed learning about daily life in the Iron Age, their jobs and how they lived in Hillforts. The children also enjoyed researching deeper into the daily life of an Iron Aged child and using this information to write a recount in English.

This half-term the children in Year 3 have particularly enjoyed learning different target games within their PE lessons. They have been able to take part in a range of games and activities that has         developed their accuracy in scoring on a target. These skills have been linked with different sporting activities such as Golf, Bowling and Curling. As well as this, Year 3 enjoyed dressing up on ’Vocabulary Day’ for book week and learning about different words and their meaning.

Our Year 3 WOW moment this half term included: working in mixed groups across the year to       perform the play script of ’The Gingerbread Man’. The children worked hard to read the dialogue and follow the stage directions to bring the story to life. We also enjoyed Science Week which was based around the different types of enquiry. Year 3 enjoyed identifying and classifying animals into groups based on their type of skeleton. We learnt about the three main types of skeleton: endoskeleton,   exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton. We identified different animals and classified them into one of the groups.


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Spring One Update 


Our topic this half-term has been ‘Digging up the Past’ where we have focused on the Stone Age.  In History we have explored the Stone Age and how the hunter-gatherers lived during this time.  Year 3 particularly enjoyed finding out about how large Woolly Mammoths were by measuring out the size of them in our classrooms. We have also made links to our topic through our English lessons where we have focused on the ‘Stone Age Boy’ story to make predictions, infer character feelings and write our own Stone Age adventure story.

This half-term the children in Year 3 particularly enjoyed learning about the Stone Age during our Art Day where, they made cave paintings based on the evidence that they were used within the Stone Age as a form of communication. Children used sand, sticks, stones and paint to create their panting and write their message.  Year 3 have also enjoyed their French topic of ‘Les Instruments’ where they have been learning to read, write and speak different musical instruments and have even had some fun using drama to perform different instruments.

Our Year 3 WOW moments this half-term included; sharing our  Stone Age adventure stories across both classes and providing feedback to each other. As well as this, Year 3 enjoyed working together for a science lesson where they tested out the properties of different soils before, classifying the soils using a classification key.


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