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Year Two - Seuss

Spring Two Update 


Although our Spring term was cut short we had a fun filled few weeks!

Our history themed first week taught us all about the British monarchy through the years since William the Conqueror took control of the country at the battle of Hastings in 1066. As part of our topic we braved a sprinkling of snow to enjoy our school trip to Hampton Court Palace. We learned lots about Henry VIII, his family and what they would have eaten in Tudor times.

During book week we enjoyed reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction linked to our topics and our Science learning. We had lots of fantastic costumes and explored new vocabulary such as inquisitive and transformed. We chose some new books to add to our recommended reads to get to know too. Our class favourites have been by Oliver Jeffers, Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson. See if you can find books by these authors as ebooks or audio books while you’re at home.

We all flew to Antarctica for our Science week, celebrating 200 years since it was discovered. We took part in research and experiments to learn more about the ice, snow and how it is changing as well as the animal inhabitants including the emperor penguins. We found out how real research scientists prepare for their work and the advances in knowledge and technology since the Norwegian Roald Amundsen and British Robert Falcon Scott first travelled there in 1911.

Year Two Visit to Hampton Court 


Year 2 Seuss had a fantastic time at Hampton Court Palace on Thursday 27th February, despite the snowy start. We all saw the great hall where Henry VIII hosted banquets and balls. We walked through the kitchens seeing what food the Tudor courts would have eaten. We watched the interactive chopping boards show us how to prepare the food and how they cooked the meat on the fire. Some pupils had a tour with Katherine Parr's sister and others handled 500 year old coins used when the Tudors were kings and queens. The day helped us all in our history learning about the monarchy through the ages and comparing different periods of time. 

Spring One Update 


2 Seuss have had a busy half term, starting off with looking at patterns with number for maths week. Then linking our learning to our science and geography of seasonal changes, climates, clouds, different continents and aerial views. Miss Cook and Miss Shaw have been blown away by the brilliant poetry about a lost balloon on its travels, reports about weather and adventure stories setting sail over seas. We’re looking forward to sharing these with you at parent consultations.

We also learnt more about how plants grow from seeds and bulbs, what they need and the life cycle of different flowers, which we will hopefully continue to watch growing through to summer. Our trip to the local church was also very interesting and provided a good opportunity to see a special place linked to religion and prayer in practice. Back at school we also thought about special places and people in our lives and how we are each special in our own unique ways.

Autumn 2 Update 2019


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