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Year Two - Seuss and Blake

What we have been learning in Autumn One 


This term we have been very busy getting back on track with our learning. We came in one morning to discover our classrooms had been a crime scene - with lily pads and water left by flying frogs! As detectives Blake and Seuss, we investigated the evidence, sequenced the events then wrote our own narrative story about the adventures of flying animals. 

Our topic of All About Me has covered life cycles, keeping healthy and looking at the details of our self-portraits. We hope you enjoyed our portrait galleries through the window.

We also watched our tiny caterpillars grow and then turn into beautiful butterflies, which we released into our wildlife garden by the KS1 playground. 

Through our RE lessons we've been learning about symbols that are important to each of the major religions and what symbols re important to us - creating personal crests. We also learnt more about our local area through Geography and the history of Hemel Hempstead in History with support from the Hemel Hempstead Local History Society and Heritage Trust. 


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