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Staff at Yewtree


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr Andrew Kerse, Acting Head Teacher

Mrs Wendy Guest, Senior Manager

Mrs Kate Winter, Assistant Head Teacher (INCO)

Mrs Holly Ritchie, Assistant Head Teacher (Lower School and English lead)



Mrs Emma Munro, Reception Teacher (Science lead)

Mrs Gina Broome, Reception Teacher (Geography lead) 

Miss Emma McPherson, Reception Teacher (EYs lead)

Mrs Fiona Hollins, Year 1 Teacher (Music and English (Phonics) lead)

Miss Amy Pike, Year 1 Teacher (Computing lead)

Miss Jenny Cook, Year 2 Teacher (English (Reading) lead)

Mrs Sara Chatterpaul, Year 3 Teacher - maternity leave from September 2019

Miss Lauren Singletary, Year 3 Teacher

Miss Megan Howlett, Year 3 Teacher (PSHE/SEAL lead)

Miss Lizzie Battams, Year 4 Teacher (D&T)

Miss Emma Brooks, Year 4 Teacher (Science lead)

Mrs Lisa Wright,  Teacher (RE lead)

Miss Tasha Kenney, Year 5 Teacher (History lead)

Miss Madeleine Edey, Year 5 Teacher (Art lead)

Mrs Katie Morris, Year 6 Teacher (Maths lead)

Miss Sophie Stables, Year 6 Teacher

Mr Dan Roe, Sports Specialist Teacher (Curriculum, PE and Computing lead)

Miss Tyla Stevens - Teacher (MFL lead)

Mrs Kirsty Feeley - SENDCo


Support Staff

Mrs Abigail Roberts, Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Hazel Pegler, Family Support Worker


Mrs Saeiqa Ali, Nurture Group Lead


Miss Vicky Marsh, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kerry Brown, Early Years Practitioner

Miss Hayley Raper, Early Years Practitioner

Ms Joanne Bushby, Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Jo Taylor, Early Years Practitioner

Miss Marie Macmillan, Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lorraine McGrory, Teaching Assistant - ELKAN

Miss Rachael Shaw, Teaching Assistant - SPLD 

Miss Vicki Rist, Teaching Assistant

Miss Andrea Sones, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Katie Porter, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly Lainton, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Andrews, Teaching Assistant

Miss Elizabeth Pavlik, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Katy MacDonald, Teaching Assistant

Miss Jade Lewis, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Laura Gambier, Teaching Assistant

Miss Sarah McIlvaney, Teaching Assistant

Ms Sharon Coombs, Teaching Assistant


Miss Kimberley Hill, Sports Apprentice

Mr Callum Moles, Sports Apprentice



Admin Team

Mrs Sharon Walters - Office Manager

Mrs Zoe Coombs - School Administrator

Mrs Sam Hall - School Administrator


Premises Team

Ms Charmaine Enright, Caretaker

Miss Michelle Kent, Premises Staff

Mrs Rita Carden, Premises Staff

Mrs Jet Minas, Premises Staff

Ms Caroline Curtis, Premises Staff


The Lunch Time Team

Ms Charmaine Enright, Midday Supervisor

Miss Deborah Hurley, Midday Supervisor

Miss Courtney McIlvaney, Midday Supervisor (on maternity leave)

Miss Vicki Childs, Midday Supervisor (on maternity leave)


The core Lunchtime crew are supported on a daily basis by numerous members of the school team


Learning and Laughter, Achievement and Aspiration, Safety and Security Everyone doing the very best they can