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School Closure Notification System (Everbridge)

Schools Closure Notification System – “Everbridge”

Yewtree are registered with Hertfordshire County Council’s Schools Closure Notification System – “Everbridge”. The system notifies parents/carers if their child’s school closes in an emergency (e.g. bad weather). By signing up to the system (which is free of charge) you will receive notifications via SMS or email of any closures.


Please sign up to the Notification System by going online to

This link will take you to the "sign up" page. You should click on the "sign up" button located at the top right hand side of the page on the grey strip and from there follow the instructions. It should take no more than 5 minutes to register and you can edit your information at any time should you change your mobile number or email address.

Each contact within the system can have 2 devices added so you can add the mobile and email address of a partner, spouse or grandparent on the same registration. They too would then receive any messages in relation to the school's closure.

If you have children at more than one school, you can register for those schools too in a single registration process by selecting all schools you have children at. (Please note that Yewtree are listed under Hemel Hempstead).


Once you have signed up you will receive messages relating to the status of your chosen schools.


Should you have any problems please contact the school office.


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